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I came across this website, Antiwar Quotes, when searching on the Internet for the name of the speechwriter of George H. W. Bush which I wasn't able to find yet.

A few of the quotes brought tears to my eyes.  As I read through some of the quotes, I asked questions, and the quotes seemed to answer some of my questions themselves, but then I asked more questions, and well, you know where that lead me... more answers and then more questions.

I am going to post some of the quotes I thought really hit home, and I would like to hear some of your favorite quotes too.  Check out the website here:

In the meantime, I ask you:

* How can war still be apart of our lives when so many people in this world know it is so destructive?
* When so many people understand that war will not create peace, that is will only create more war, why do people continue to war?
* Do you think peace is possible?


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