Author Topic: Recipe for preserving children (It's not what it sounds)  (Read 4629 times)

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Recipe for preserving children (It's not what it sounds)
« on: February 03, 2009, 03:49:00 PM »
Being a single mom for 20+ years, I have concocted an excellent recipe for preserving children.


2-3 small children

2-3 backpacks

An assortment of clothing (per child)

Any other accessories that come in handy; (toys, games...etc.)

1 large family sedan

One or two worthy grandparents


Fill backpacks with clothing and other needy accessories (one per child)

Assemble children on the backseat of sedan, fasten securely in place.

Drop children off at grandparents house and let set for the entire weekend.

Note of precaution:  It is best to keep a tight lid on grandparents or children may spoil.
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