Author Topic: Ingredients to Avoid Besides Monosodium Glutamate  (Read 22333 times)

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Ingredients to Avoid Besides Monosodium Glutamate
« on: November 07, 2006, 12:55:09 AM »
In order to eat safe at home, I have to read labels in the grocery stores.  As a general rule, I have a tendency to avoid ANYTHING which has an ingredients list of more than a half inch long.  Any ingredient list over a half inch is almost always going to have MSG or an ingredient which contains MSG.  Having said that, you still have to carefully read all the ingredients listed, because there is still the possibility of MSG presents.

I have provided a list of ingredients which contain MSG.  These ingredients are broken down into two categories - Always and Often.  I have obtained these lists from

These ingredients ALWAYS contain MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Glutamic acid
Calcium caseinate
Textured protein
Monopotassium glutamate
Disodium cocoyl glutamate   :D< NEW  (found in Shampoo)
Sodium caseinate
Yeast nutrient
Yeast extract
Yeast food
Autolyzed yeast
Hydrolyzed protein (any protein that is hydrolyzed)
Hydrolyzed corn gluten
Hydrolyzed soy protein
Sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein   :D< NEW  (found in Shampoo)
Vegetable broth (aka soy protein)   :D< NEW  (found in canned tuna)
Hydrolyzed jojoba protein   :D< NEW  (found in Shampoo)
Natrium glutamate (natrium is Latin/German for sodium)
Aspartame (and newly introduced Neotame) (e.g. candy, gum, diet soda, artificial sugar like Nuti-Sweet, some medications espcially children's medications)
These ingredients OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing

Carrageenan (e.g. Chocolate Milk)
Maltodextrin (e.g. Splenda)
Malt extract
Natural pork flavoring
Citric acid
Malt flavoring
Bouillon and Broth
Natural chicken flavoring
Soy protein isolate
Natural beef flavoring
Ultra-pasteurized Soy sauce
Stock Barley malt
Soy sauce extract
Whey protein concentrate
Pectin Soy protein
Whey protein Protease
Soy protein concentrate
Whey protein isolate
Protease enzymes
Anything protein fortified
Flavors(s) & Flavoring(s)
Anything enzyme modified
Anything fermented
Enzymes anything
Seasonings (the word "seasonings")
Natural flavor(s) & flavoring(s)
Xanthan Gum

Addition note worthy information:

1.)  Disodium Guanylate and Disodium Inosinate are expensive food additives that work synergistcally with inexpensive MSG ingredients.  The use of these ingredients suggests that the product has MSG in it. They would probably not be used as food additives if there were no MSG present simply because the cost of these ingredients.

2.)  Anything that has been hydrolyzed contains hidden MSG, but the new technique in hiding MSG in foods is to drop the "hydrolyzed" from pea protein, whey protein, corn protein, wheat protein, soy protein, etc.

3.)  MSG can be found in soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, and cosmetics under names like "hydrolyzed," "amino acids," and "protein."

More additional information can be found at

Reactions to MSG vary for each individual because of sensitivity and dose amounts. MSG-induced reactions may occur immediately after ingestion or after as much as 48 hours. I, personally, have reacted during a meal and 20 hours after a meal.  The reacts I get during a meal consist of all or a combination of dizziness, tingling in the fingers, and dry mouth.  The reacts I get the next day consist of a migraine headache, usually when I wake up, and later on in the day, flu-like symptoms.   Typically, I have found, the common 24 hour flu is merely an MSG reaction.

I will explain the process I go through to find something to eat in restaurants in my nest post.

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Re: Ingredients to Avoid Besides Monosodium Glutamate
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2013, 08:43:55 PM »
This is just incredible. I figured out when I was 14 that I was allergic to dairy. I thought cool whip was fine because it said non-dairy on it. It contains sodium caseinate, the protein derivative in milks that cause allergic reactions. I'm stunned to see it on this list.

I'll be making my food from scratch 99% of the time now, as well as my toddlers food.

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Re: Ingredients to Avoid Besides Monosodium Glutamate
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2013, 10:48:04 AM »
Well, it is true that much of the processed food available to us has ingredients that cause us discomfort or damage, there are still safe foods that can be purchased.  We do cook most of our own food and read labels for those packaged and canned goods we use.  The key to overcoming symptoms caused by excitotoxins is to read every label and understand what the components listed are.  By the way, any of the caseinates are harmful and should be avoided.  They are a processed protein from dairy products and anytime you process a protein it will cause you harm and the food industry riches, since it usually results in a flavor enhancer.

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Re: Ingredients to Avoid Besides Monosodium Glutamate
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2014, 10:54:59 PM »
There are a few great phone apps that identify all of these in foods! The one I'm using is NxtNutrio, but I've heard of others. You can select your food allergies or intolerances, such as MSG. Then, you can scan the barcode of a food... All ingredients come up with a green check mark or red x letting you know what allergens are present. Super helpful with MSG since it has so many names.