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Title: About Smilies
Post by: misfitguy on March 06, 2008, 06:14:19 AM
 [welcome] Sassafras just added a lot of smilies ::D and since it seemed like a good thing  (BD)b I decided  :)7 to try and use some of them  ~(..)~ Some of them bounce  ~D~ Some of them run  <^..^> Some of them wave  W==(:D)== Sometimes they make political statements  [peace]  [(/)]  [censored] Some are just too much fun  OOOOOOO  x=(:()  [spam]  *=:)=*  O0

Regardless, I hope  ::) you will use them  :-* when you are posting  [blah] all of your important  ]=(:P) ideas.

Have Fun.  =:D  ~~(:)~~  ((:o))  ((::))
Title: Re: About Smilies
Post by: Sassafras on March 06, 2008, 12:13:52 PM
 (;D)b Nice job there, misfitguy, putting all those smilies together!! d(BD)b  I enjoy |P| your humor.  I have to say that I was kinda scared ( )^( ) messing around in the administration area.  I fear one of these days all the code will kick *BOX* my butt and then I'll have to  (:<)|| to fix it.  Fortunately, it was easy  ^:|-- once I decided  ((::)) to actually click something.   *=:)=* 

I'll be adding still more smileys  ((:D)) ::D :)7 today.  I've already added more message icons.  I'm also going to add some decent avatars for our members -- the avatars that are available now are wimpy and boring.   #@&% 

Well, sunny days  ***(:D)***  are coming, computers  x=(:() will crash, and (K) will die again.
O ooh, so many things to rely on!!   OOOOOOO 
We can always  ~~~:D!!  But lets wait for the weather warm up a bit.

This ones for you, misfitguy!!  [yesmaster]  Thought you'd like it!  :-*

Title: Re: About Smilies
Post by: chibimyuutsu on October 05, 2011, 11:10:32 AM
 OOOOOOO  I really like this one. :D
Title: Re: About Smilies
Post by: Sassafras on October 07, 2011, 05:55:23 PM
The jumping smilies are always a |P| treat and deserve a big  *=:)=* =:D ((::)) hurray!!!