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There Are Times
« on: January 22, 2009, 06:53:08 AM »

There are times my love.
There are times when you
   come close to me,
And I catch a smell
   that is only you; 
Just a whiff,
But enough to flood
My whole being with you.

There are times, my love,
   when I wake
In the middle of the night
   and feel your body
Next to mine;
Your warmth, your love.

There are times, my love,
   when I just feel your love
And I turn and find you
   looking at me.  Just looking,
But your eyes are reaching out
Saying, I love you.

There are times, my love,
   when I ask,
“What have I done to deserve your love?”
   and you look at me
Smiling, knowing.
There are times, my love
There are times.

                      Mick Zellar
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