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Pulling out of Iraq
« on: November 18, 2006, 07:48:26 AM »
Yesterday I was listening to the Senate hearings on Iraq.  Two generals reported in detail using way too many facts and words to really get a handle on the situation over there.  The Republicans then commented on the great job they were doing "protecting the American interests" in the Middle East.  Last I knew we attacked Iraq because we believed they had weapons of mass destruction and were planning on using them here in the US.  Now I am hearing the Republicans suggesting we are there to "protect American interests".  Isn't it dangerous to change boats in the middle of the stream?  They also stated that there is talk of a pull-out in the next 6 months by the Democrats and asked the generals if they thought this would be a good idea.  Of course neither answered yes or no, but hedged with a ten minute answer each that I think meant it wouldn't be a good idea, but to tell you the truth, I am not too sure.

When the Democrats took the floor, particular Carl Levin, he also questioned the generals concerning the original intent of the war, the actual progress towards a pulling out and whether increased training of Iraqis would be effective.  The generals and the Republicans did not refer to the troops as American troops, by the way, but used the phrase "coalition forces".  Senator Levin used the phrase American troops.  Why is this significant?  Well, last I knew, we make up about 90 plus percent of the armed troops there.  I have recently heard some nations complain that it would be unsafe for the Middle-East if the US pulled out of Iraq.  This talk of coalition forces and recent complaints of other nations made me realize that the pulling out of American troops and the safety of the world are two different issues. 

Here is how I see it.  We attacked Iraq, a sovereign nation, causing great damage and countless tens of thousands of lives because we supposedly believed we were threatened by them because of their owning weapons of mass destruction.  We have determined that there aren't any.  Now we can leave.  If the world feels threatened by this purported vacuum in Iraq, then they can simply send troops to bolster the "coalition" forces that are currently there.  We have done our part.  Now the rest of the world can kick in.  Let's get our troops out of Iraq now.  Let the "coalition forces" take over which would mean this is what the world wants.  If they are not willing, oh well.  I would guess that the world doesn't care. 

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